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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Glenna Rollins


Glenna Rollins Riddle has been writing stories for most of her life. In her words, "Stories of passion, triumph, and tragedy. I have always loved to tell them, to hear them, to live them. Happy ending or not, they are the stories of life — of living. To feel, happy or sad, is to live. I have experienced the tragedy and triumph of surviving an abusive childhood, a brush with death after narrowly escaping a nightclub bombing in Berlin, Germany, and after too many failed relationships, I found the love of my life and married him; only to lose him to a rare genetic disorder just thirteen months later. Through all of this, I have held onto my passion for life, love, and a good story. Life may be painful at times, but it is short … enjoy it, experience it, feel it. While you can."